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Effective Presentations

  • Are you an effective presenter?
  • Do you hold the attention of your audience through the entire presentation? n
  • Do you accurately target the needs and interests of your audience?
  • Are you successful in selling your ideas and products?

Learn to give more dynamic, clear and concise presentations to customers and your internal audiences.

The people who make presentations for my company are unique. Each of them has gifts and shortcomings with respect to making presentations. Gloria customizes training to the individual teaching them to maximize their gifts while still meeting the norms for effective presentations.

Luke Smith. CEO, Potentia Semiconductor

You may select a One or Two Day Session depending on your needs. The session will be customized for your objectives.

Key Information

  • Audience/Customer assessment
  • Clear organization of main points
  • Dynamic and effective delivery
  • Concise explanations
  • Effective visuals
  • Persuasive techniques
  • Professional Presence
  • Handling difficult audiences and question and answer sessions

Training Objectives

  • Conduct a thorough audience and key player analysis
  • Assess the customer and meet their expectations and needs
  • Present issues, data, logic and recommendations using easy to follow organization
  • Project a delivery style that is dynamic and credible
  • Handle difficult audiences
  • Perform effectively in question and answer sessions
  • Effectively use computer generated and other visuals
  • Develop persuasive approaches to showcase recommendations

Presentation Opportunities

  • One Day Session:
    Participants give 1 prepared presentation and 1 impromptu presentation.
  • Two day session:
    Participants give 2 prepared presentations and 2 impromptu presentations.

Video Review and Consultations

  • Presentations can be videoed
  • Each participant will meet with the facilitator at the end of the day for a one on one coaching session

Select the training option that meets your needs!

  • Workshops ar customized for your work group
  • Choose the option of a one or two day session
  • Follow up sessions are available
  • Gloria will meet with you individually to assess your needs and help you improve your effectiveness.
  • Need help for one important presentation? Gloria can assist you in that preparation.
Video Review
  • Not available for workshops or one on one consultation?
  • Send a video of one of your presentations and Gloria will provide a thorough written and teleconference evaluation.

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Managing, Implementing and Leading Change

Has your business undergone change in the past year?
Have you implemented new procedures, developed a new product line, or
acquired new ownership?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions you may have presented your
employees with challenges they are having trouble managing.

Employees faced with change may have trouble adapting or having the
confidence that they can meet new expectations.

Typical Workplace Problems Resulting from Change:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Low morale
  • Higher level of complaints
  • Slowness in implementing change
  • Increased problems in employee-supervisor relationships

This Half Day Workshop will equip participants with information about how to deal with change and gives them tools for implementing change and leading during change.

Workshop Content

  • Understand the impact of change on you and your co-workers
  • Recognize what phase of change you and others are in and determine how to move forward, maintain or deal with resistance
  • Understand the importance of engaged leadership during change
  • Put in place implementation steps that keep productivity high during change
  • Design a change action plan to monitor and implement change quickly
  • Identify things you can do to lead change on an ongoing

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Managing Up in Your Organization

Managing up is about effectiveness in the workplace. This workshop identifies actions that are essential to achieve understanding and cooperation between workers and managers who have different perspectives. 
Participants will assess situations of misunderstandings and misalignment about expectations, strategies and tactics that create wasted time and poor outcomes.  They will then explore solutions to address issues more successfully.
The objective of the workshop is to help managers and workers do the following

  • Make better, more aligned decisions
  • Represent the team in a positive manner in the organization
  • Develop better relationships and partnerships
  • Communicate more effectively throughout the organization
  • Become a Dynamic Follower
  • Understand the categories that best describe your boss.  What should you do? 
  • Work effectively with all levels of decision making

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