Gloria Sindt is the complete package when it comes to improving performance at all levels in an organization. She excels at professional coaching and development for leadership, as well as project implementation and support. Gloria’s straightforward, high-impact, and disarming approach engages people’s hearts while also changing behavior to achieve desired outcomes.

Honora Roberts. Chief Operating Officer, The Breakaway Group

Gloria Sindt has helped my professional staff in the following ways:

  • Worked as a one-on-one coach for leaders
  • Advised team members on ways to improve personal effectiveness
    1. Project confidence
    2. Improve communication effectiveness
    3. Improve writing and oral presentation skills

Gloria’s individual approach makes each client feel valued and motivated. Her sessions are highly interactive and include firm deliverables. She is thorough and continues to follow up until success is ensured. I couldn’t give her a higher personal recommendation!

Lisa Shorb. Vice President Procurement, Kinder Morgan

I have worked with Gloria for over a decade both as a recipient of her training as well as a business leader who has commissioned work to aid in training and development for my team. Gloria is an expert at deeply understanding your business objectives and designing training and development targeted to effectively meet those objectives.

With her effective communication and listening skills combined with her overall credibility and humor, she can engage an audience in a way that ensures concepts are not just understood but embraced. Her follow up after training is impeccable as she holds herself and her audience accountable for application of learning immediately after the official session concludes thus maximizing value of the training investment. Whether it’s one on one professional coaching or large group training, Gloria has always exceeded my expectations.

Amy Green . VP - Print Product Strategy and Management | Dex One

Gloria has served our business for many years. We have called on her to consult, perform analysis, and target specific needs for team development, senior management communications, executive presentations and one on one coaching. Gloria’s rich experience, deep understanding of communications processes, and dynamics have served us well. We would have been still treating the surface symptoms without Gloria’s ability to partner with our team members and solve the core issues within the organization. As we lean down our enterprise we continue to see the rewards of her expertise.

Bill Pettit. Director Disposables Manufacturing,CaridianBCT Inc.

Gloria customizes training to the individual teaching them to maximize their gifts while still meeting the norms for effective presentations. I have worked with Gloria for many years and in many corporate settings. Her work has made my team more effective at communicating within large corporations, winning customers, and securing financing.

Luke Smith. CEO, Potentia Semiconductor

Gloria took the time to get to know our organization and its leadership. It means I can trust her as an executive coach, that she helps our senior management grow professionally and as a team, and that we can rely on her to help us develop the present and future leaders of the company. Gloria helps keep our planning retreats fresh and fun. She takes the time to understand our agenda and our needs rather than using a cookie-cutter approach. She is equally effective in working with board members and management, two groups with very different motivators and needs.

Earnest A. Lehman. President & General Manager Midwest Energy, Inc.

I wanted to express my personal thanks to you for all of your hard work, passion, and respect around this preceptor/coaching program for our 90 hospitals Most importantly, you were always a true leader, teacher, and coach for all of the preceptors. You certainly have implanted a legacy within HealthSouth for which I am grateful!

Daniel B. Woloszyn. CEO, VanMatre HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital