Leadership Development

Today’s demanding business environment requires that leaders possess a variety of skills. Leaders must be visionaries, inspire excitement and commitment, coach and mentor, provide direction, and lead their organizations to success.

Essential skills can develop leaders and prevent the syndrome of trial and error leadership. Leadership development focuses on qualities employees value in leaders, key leadership skills such as effective communication, strategic planning, motivation, cross functional environments, and developing and coaching employees.

This program allows participants to receive feedback from employees, examine their leadership style, and learn important communication and coaching skills. Participation in simulations and activities provide experiential examination of how they lead. Each participant will develop an action plan with follow up contact with the facilitator.

Key Areas

  • Leadership skills
  • Teambuilding skills
  • Communication skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Leading change skills

Note:this program can be effectively delivered in a group setting or working one on one with participants.