High Potential Employee Coaching

One on one coaching is a very effective method of helping employees who are generally performing well but need some assistance to perform at a higher level. Performance improvement may be needed in their current position or to get them prepared for a new responsibilities or a promotion.

Coaching Process

  1. Establish the objective/outcome for the coaching
  2.        -May be initiated by the manager for the employee nominated for coaching
           -Employees often initiate the coaching request
  3. Determine focus areas to assist in reaching the objective
  4.        -Both the person to be coached and their manager are given a list of potential focus areas from which to choose
           -The manager is informed regarding the coaching content
  5. Number of sessions: Four, 1 – 1 ½ hour coaching sessions either in person or by phone
  6. Key behaviors are determined during each session for the person to act on in between sessions
  7. The person coached will provide feedback on the behaviors weekly
  8. Both the coach and the person coached will provide feedback to the manager regarding improvement and general progress of the coaching sessions.

Coaching Topics

  • Verbal communication: deliver effective, organized, clear messages
  •        -One to one
           -Direct reports
           -Senior management
  • Listening skills
  • Creating positive communication
  • Delegating
  • Time management
  • Coaching others
  • Writing skills
  • Managing change
  • Barriers to communication
  • Nonverbal effects on communication
  • Developing an atmosphere of team excellence
  • Resolving negative issues with the team and others
  • Managing feedbackp
  • Communicating effectively with customers
  • Leadership
  •        -Leadership Competencies
           -How Managers Lead
           -Leading Change
           -Team Excellence
           -Coaching and Developinge
           -Achieving Influencee
  • Presentation skills
  • Professional image and credibility